Dear Alexa Rae,

I haven’t actually written about this site before but I have made some updates that I would like to mention.

“Dear Alexa Rae,” is a website I created as a way to both share my experiences as a father as well as capture some memories that I can share with my daughter as she grows up. The idea is for every entry to be written as if I am writing a letter to be mailed to my daughter. That being said, each entry is also anonymous. I don’t use any names, other than Alexa Rae.

The latest changes that I have made to the site where to move it off WordPress to Jekyll and to create my own design instead of a generic theme. I have been very happy with Jekyll on this site and felt like it would be even better suited for the “Dear Alexa Rae,”” site since there are no pages only posts and in all likelihood it will be updated even less than this site. My goal with the new design was to maintain the simple design while extending the letter metaphor. Some people may find this too “skeuomorphic” for their tastes but I feel like I have been pretty subtle.