Resume Page

Just this past week I added a new page to my site for my Resume. I wanted to make sure this page was semantically accurate, visually clean, and printable. In fact I wanted to be able to use the copy of my resume on this site as my official resume, the one I print and hand out to people.

So far this endeavor has been successful. You will notice I have chosen to hide the contact information header when viewing the resume on my site. Then when you print it that info shows up. I felt like that extra information wasn’t necessary on my site since if you are on my site you can get most of that information already (or will be able to when I create an about page).

The biggest issue I have encountered so far is that apparently the CSS3 columns functionality doesn’t work for print styles. Fortunately the content I am using that feature for gracefully degrades. I found this article discussing why this happens in WebKit on the blog.