“todolist” Projects

I have started a series of new project on my GitHub account to start teaching my self more about some scripting languages that I am not super familiar with.

First off I have a Requirements Project which defines the requirements that each implementation must meet. This will help me ensure each project is working towards the same goal. One special aspect of these projects is that I am going to avoid using third-party frameworks as much as possible. This isn’t because I have a problem with frameworks but rather that I don’t feel like I will learn as much if I rely on them to meet the goals.

The first project I am working on is a PHP based App since this is a language I am already familiar with it will serve as a sort of baseline for all of the other projects. In a sense the other projects will be “ports” of the PHP project.

From their I plan to create an App using JavaScript (Node), Ruby, Java, and finally Python