Midwest PHP Conference 2015

Today I am attending the Midwest PHP Conference which is being held at the University of St. Thomas in Minneapolis. This is my first time attending a PHP specific conference and really the my first foray into the PHP community. I did attend WordCamp (a WordPress conference) last year but I tend to lump “WordPress developers” into a slightly different group than just straight up PHP developers. Labels.

In attendance with me today are the other two developers at WolfNet who have been working on our plugin with me. I am not sure how much conference experience the two of them have been I hope this is a good one for them.

Personally I worry that this conference will not delve into the advanced level of development topics that I am looking for. In some ways I have been a bit spoiled by my attendance of cf.Objective (now dev.Objective) in the past. That conference tends to be targeted at more advanced developers.

Up next the opening keynote: Accessibility: The Forgotten Piece you need to know to become a complete Developer by Joe Devon