Bathroom Shelf

Last week while I was doing a deep clean of the bathroom my “nesting” wife decided it would be a good time to make some décor changes. So as part of that project I am doing this project. Tiffany found her inspiration for the shelf online. We discussed a few modifications and then I set to making plans in Sketchup and she picked up the lumber. For this project we are using 1x6 and 1x8 pine boards, a bit of 1/4” plywood, and some 1/2” hemp rope. Since I knew I was going to be cutting a bunch of dados and I don’t have a table saw that can take a stacked dado blade, I build a jig that I can use to easily cut dados with my router. Next I cut all of the boards to length on my table saw using my crosscut sled and a stop block to ensure I had the same length. Then I clamped to two side peices together to do some work on them. I made the mistake of not cutting a fresh end on one of them so I had a rough “factory” edge that I wanted to clean up. So I sanded each end down with them clamped together so maintain their equal length. Then I marked the spot for the hole and drilled it through both boards on my drill press using a 1” forstner bit. I cut one of the corners of at a 45° angle on my miter saw. And finally with the boards still clamped together, I market where I would be cutting the dados. Next I cut the dados.